Kramer Bolton, GTS Graduate and Certified Structural Welder

Where do I start with Georgia Trade School? There are so many things I have learned from the instructors. James Spinner, Sean Quinton and Elaine Waters are among the best welders in Atlanta. There is only one way Georgia Trade School taught me to weld and that is with 100% everything you have, every time. There is one thing I really love about GTS and that is their hard work for their students. They have this way of finding so many welding opportunities, they can always get you in the door some way, somehow. I wouldn’t be the welder I am today without GTS. There is really no limit to where you can go or what you may be welding or fabricating. There is a passion they brought out in me and thank you GTS for all the great lessons and opportunity so know I can be a proud man knowing that I am a welder.

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  • On May 2, 2017
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