Jenny Cox, Parent of GTS Graduate

Hi Joanna…just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how things are going with Josh. He is really enjoying Caterpillar. Things actually went very well through his training process and he is now at the plant and working evening shift. That is actually a perfect shift for him as he is a “night-owl”.
He has had very positive feedback so far. He had to take a welding test upon entering the plant after training. It is my understanding that he did VERY well and was even asked where he learned to weld like that. He was also the only one from his training class, if I understand correctly, that passed that welding test on the first try!
Anyway, you guys did a great job with him and we really appreciate it. Tim asked him just yesterday if he felt like his time at Georgia Trade School had truly prepared him for his career in the real world. Without hesitation, he replied YES.
Just wanted to make you guys aware of the positive feedback. You all did a great job!!!

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  • On May 2, 2017
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