David Gruner, GTS Graduate

Are you tired of sitting behind your desk in a cubicle? Maybe behind a dish pit and delivering pizzas? Are you tired of sitting in a classroom, slowly falling asleep? Are you the kind of person who loves working with their hands? How can you change that? Put on some gloves and flip down your hood and start welding! Welding is one of the hottest jobs around. The job market for welder is in dire need for more us! And for me, job security as well as a wide open job market was the kind of career I wanted. The catch is, you have to be a great welder and a scholar of welding. Georgia Trade School can turn you into both in 3-6 months!
At GTS, I struggled at first like most do! But with practice and a lot more patience, my welding became better each day! I started to love welding and appreciating what welding will do for me! The teachers at GTS installed that into me! I honestly had some of my best days at GTS and truly enjoyed attending there! I worked hard to get the 5 certifications I wanted to have. I achieved my goal in two months with the guidance of all of the instructors there. Every instructor had different “tricks” and tips to offer and all of them clicked for me! After getting all of my certs and still having a month left there, I wanted to actually build something and the school didn’t have a problem with it. They encouraged me to! With guidance from the instructors and former students there, I built and welded my project to my satisfaction!
Before I graduated, I had a job lined up with Caterpillar thanks to GTS! And I’ve been working for CAT for 6 months now. I’ve been making more money than I ever have. There are welders here that attended GTS.
All in all, attending Georgia Trade School was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

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  • On May 2, 2017
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