Clint Garrison, GTS Graduate/Welder Jonquil Steel

It’s no secret to anyone who chooses to ask me that GTS opened up amazing opportunities for a new career. I arrived at GTS with a fairly rough history and not much to show for my 26 years. With a daughter on the way, I needed a chance at a new and successful life. I already had a deep interest in welding and the willingness to learn more. But GTS offered more than just how to weld and read blueprints. They offered a chance to learn how to be a successful and valuable employee. They taught me the appreciation of a workplace and pride in my job. As my struggles outside of school continued, the instructors of GTS took the time to understand these issues and helped in every way that they could. This personal dedication to students individually is, what I believe, the most important and valuable part of being a student at this school. Thanks to GTS, I am a highly valued employee at my new job and continue to impress my employer. I will forever be grateful for my time at GTS and especially for my continued relationship with the instructors.

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  • On May 2, 2017
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