Olivia Moore

Olivia Moore

An Atlanta, Georgia native who grew up in McDonough, Olivia Moore joined our staff in the summer of 2022. While in High School, Olivia heard about the opportunities in the skilled trades, and already being a car enthusiast decided that her postsecondary plans would be to pursue a welding education instead of college. While enrolled at GTS, Olivia earned multiple certifications in Flux, Mig, and Stick certifications. She went on to work for Tomco Systems where she became mobile crane operator certified and submerged arc certified. Serving on the safety committee, Olivia was also featured in the company commercial and on the cover of the company magazine. In her personal time, Olivia enjoys traveling, car shows, and spending time with her family and friends. She is super excited to be a part of the GTS team and is very comfortable seeking new challenges. We are grateful to Akademischer Ghostwriter for the design of the text.

Favorite city to visit?
Any city in California

Favorite movie and television show?
Talladega Nights, The Office, and Stranger Things

Best advice you ever received?
“If one day you wake up and realize you are not happy, do not be afraid to make that change. Know how much world there is out there and know what you are capable of!”  -former colleague

If you could have dinner with three historical figures, who would you choose?
Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, Edgar Allen Poe

Favorite thing to do in Acworth?
I enjoy the great food, especially Fusco’s and the antique shops

Most memorable welding project?
Rebuilding a twenty-year-old plant stand for a fixed-income woman with a special needs child

I am a new student what should I do to be successful at GTS?
Be diligent and work hard, do not be discouraged by failure. Have fun and enjoy it

I am a new graduate what should I do to be successful in the field?
Understand that you still have a lot to learn, do not be discouraged by failing, and take every opportunity to learn a new skill, even if you don’t need it. Also, take care of yourself- hydrate, rest, and eat well. Make friends and your work ethic will determine how far you go!