Natalie Ford

Natalie Ford

GTS graduate Natalie Ford joined our staff in 2022, following several years as a welder/fabricator at Absolute Welding & Consulting in Carrollton, GA where she worked on new plant construction, plant relocation, upgrades, retrofit and dismantlement. 

Today, Natalie provides a range of administrative and clerical support including tours, reception, and special projects.

where did you grow up?

Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Why did you choose GTS?

I heard great things about the program and didn’t want to spend years getting certifications when it can take 3-6 months.

What certifications do you have?


Best advice you ever received?

Do not take life too seriously.

If you could have dinner with three historical figures, who would you choose?

David Bowie, Bill Hicks, and Yoko Ono to serenade us.

Favorite genre of music?


It is a beautiful day in Atlanta, what are you going to do?

Hang out at Piedmont Park

Favorite thing to do in Acworth?

Kayaking at Lake Acworth

Most Memorable Welding Project?

Making props for the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show.

I am a new student. What should I do to be successful at GTS?

Keep your hood down and stay burning.