Kyle Lockwood

An academically gifted student, who excelled in STEM classes Paulding County native and Hiram High School alum Kyle Lockwood was pushed to become a mechanical engineer but after spending a semester at Southern Polytechnic State University, Kyle decided years of classrooms to achieve a sitting desk job was not his passion. He wanted to design amazing work and build the projects with his own hands.

Registering for Georgia Trade School on a hunch, within the first few weeks of his time in the program, Kyle realized welding was something he enjoyed, could be successful at and be happy doing for a career.

After graduating from GTS, Mr. Lockwood worked as a stainless steel TIG welder and fabricator for Jeremias, Inc. working on custom exhaust and ventilation parts out of sheet metal as thin as .015”. In addition to his commercial work, Kyle has taken on a variety of repair work and projects including trailers, garbage trucks and installing tubing systems for breweries.

One of the highlights of Kyle’s career so far is appearing on multiple YouTube videos with Jody Collier of Welding Tips and Tricks fame. In addition to classroom and lab instruction, Kyle contributes to the certification process including writing welder qualifications and certifying new welding processes to be used at GTS.

A memorable moment in Kyle’s career came shortly after graduating. GTS Instructor Stephen Leone invited Kyle to complete a weekend project to fix equipment at a local gym. It wasn’t a major project, but it demonstrated to him the earnings potential from simply having the drive to use your welding skills on a day off.

Kyle’s favorite cities to visit are Seattle and Asheville. His favorite movies are Kill Bill and Stepbrothers. If he could have dinner with three historical figures, Kyle would choose Theodore Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain. Musically, Kyle enjoys Hip Hop and Punk Rock. When he’s not doing weekend projects Kyle likes to attend local breweries, movies and here in Acworth, Henry’s or Fish Thyme.

Mr. Lockwood’s best advice for students is to leave their personal issues at the door, manage their time wisely because welding school is fast paced. Learn everything you can at GTS and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because those mistakes can be corrected before going to the field when your job depends on accuracy. And finally, Kyle promotes the idea of being a lifelong learner something GTS is very high on.

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How to be my friend? 
Answer: Make me laugh so hard I spit my drink out

How to get an “A” in my class?
Answer: Work hard and stay motivated

Quickest way to piss me off?
Answer: Give excuses for mistakes

If I am mad you should……
Answer: Make me laugh

What’s on my Mixtape?
Answer: Run the Jewels, Fleet Foxes, Frank Sinatra, A Tribe Called Quest

My specialty is……?
Answer: GTAW and observational comedy

Why I get out of bed?
Answer: Usually because I have to go potty

Why am I qualified to teach you?
Answer: “I know more than you” – Ron Swanson Parks and Recreation.