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Kramer Bolton

A Pipe Welder and an entrepreneur, Marietta native Kramer Bolton is one of the biggest success stories in GTS history.

While still a student, Kramer accepted a ten week, 20,000 dollar contract position with Alcoa where he worked on hydraulic lines, welded stainless fittings to pipe and mounted pipe hanging brackets. Upon completion he returned to earn multiple certifications including Flux, Mig, Stick and thin Stainless Tig Welding.

Next Mr. Bolton performed structural welds on I Beams at Hartsfield Jackson Airport and later he moved to Colorado where he worked on new construction including banks, churches and custom residential projects.

Kramer was among many GTS graduates to work at the 1.5 Billion dollar Mercedes Benz Stadium but he was one a very select group of welders that worked directly for Atlanta Stadium Partners. Finally, Kramer worked for Piedmont Mechanical where he did Pipe Welding at Lockheed Martin.

Mr. Bolton found himself frequently being asked to complete side projects and after cold calling door to door and over the phone in just a single week he had enough business to launch his own welding and fabrication company, Reasonable Rates Welding, LLC.

Since that first week he has never had to make another phone call!

You can visit his company at

What is your favorite city?
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

What makes GTS unique or special?
GTS alumni are spread out all over the US

Favorite part of your job?
Relating to students, passing knowledge

Advice to aspiring welders?
Good welders can fix bad welds