Justin Martin

Justin Martin

A Marietta native and Pope High School alumnus, Justin Martin attended Georgia Trade School in 2015. Looking for a career change, Martin decided to forego college and attend welding school. With previous welding exposure, Justin realized quickly that GTS was a great fit. After graduating, Martin would go on to be hired by General Electric Corporation in a Union position where he repaired and maintained steam turbines. After seven years with GE, Justin formed his own LLC, E3 Welding, where he contracts with manufacturers in a range of industries.  Certified up to 3G mild steel, Inconel, and stainless TIG and MIG up to 4G mild steel, Martin serves as an instructor with our afternoon and night class.

Best advice you ever received?
Learn something new everyday and always give 100 percent.

If you could have dinner with three historical figures, who would you choose?
Abraham Lincoln, Ty Cobb, and Bobby Jones

Favorite genre of music?

It is a beautiful day in Atlanta, what are you going to do?
Pool time with the family or a round of golf

Favorite thing to do in Acworth?
The golf courses.

Most Memorable Welding Project?
There are many projects that I am proud to be a part of but my most memorable are the little figures and trophy racks I make for my kids.

I am a new student what should I do to be successful at GTS?
When you first start GTS, you may feel that the next 4 to 6 months are going to take forever. But it’s not, it is going to go by very fast. So, pay attention, learn everything you can and give 100 percent.