Enrollment Agreement

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Georgia Trade School Enrollment Agreement:

  • Program Tuition $12,000 Testing Fees Included Estimated Cost of Books, Supplies, & Tools $1000.

    Grounds for Cancellation/Termination: The school reserves the right to terminate the training of any student at any time, due to absences and/or not abiding by class rules and regulations. Any student placed on probation twice for the same reason (Ex. Insufficient progress, nonpayment) will be terminated from their training program. Students who fail to maintain at least 70% GPA at the end of each academic period, have unexcused absences greater than 25% for each academic period, fail to meet their financial obligations to the school may be subject to termination by the Director. Georgia Trade School, reserves the right to cancel any scheduled training program due to insufficient enrollment.

    Change in Schedule Start Date: The school reserves the right to cancel a class start date due to insufficient enrollment. If this occurs, the student may request a full refund of all monies paid or apply all monies paid to the next scheduled class.

    Program Content: The school reserves the right to change/modify the program contents, equipment, staff, books or materials, as it deems necessary. Such changes may be necessary to keep pace with technological advance and to improve teaching methods or procedures. In no event will any such changes diminish the competency or content of any program.

    Graduation Conditions: Prior to receiving a certificate of completion or other program certificates, a student must fulfill all financial obligations. In addition, the student must have met the minimum attendance policy (70% completed hours) and a minimum GPA of 70%.

    Cancellation/Termination by the Student: If a student wishes to terminate training the student should notify the school Director in writing. Notice may be hand delivered or mailed.

    Georgia Refund Policy: Termination date for refund computational purposes is the last date of actual attendance by the student. Students who are rejected from training are entitled a refund of all moneys paid.

    Students who attend will receive a refund on a “pro rata” basis for up to 55% completion of the period. If a student completes more than 55% of the period of enrollment, the entire contract price of the program may be retained. Pro Rata is based upon total hours attended in comparison to total program hours. Example: students are responsible for tuition of what they attend up to 55%; if students attend 30% of training, they are required to pay 30% of the tuition, etc.; if students paid the tuition up front, and only attend 30% of the training, they are entitled to a refund of 70% of the tuition, etc. 

    All money due to a student shall be refunded within thirty (30) days from the last date of attendance.

    Disclaimer of Employment Guarantee: While efforts are made to find every graduate a job, guarantee of placement is not made or implied.

    Program Objectives: My ultimate goal is to successfully complete training, to seek, find, and maintain a job in the area in which I am to be trained.

    Class Attendance/Reporting an Absence: I will attend class each day and will be absent only when physically ill or when circumstances beyond my control make attendance impossible. I will personally telephone the school by 9:00AM each day that I am absent, regardless of the reason. I will abide by Class Rules and Regulations.

    Standards of Conduct

    All Courses

    1. Dress Code- Clothing must be in the appropriate manner with the occupation of training. No shorts are permitted. Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times. No offensive logos, graphics, etc. will be allowed.
    2. Alcohol/Drugs- No alcoholic beverages or nonprescription drugs are permitted on school property. Any student who has consumed alcohol or un-prescribed drugs prior to training or during training (including breaks) will be terminated immediately. If instructor or staff member suspects you are under the influence, training will be suspended with reinstatement pending an investigation.
    3. Injury- Any student needing medical services due to training related injury must also submit to a drug test at the time treatment is rendered.
    4. Audio/video- Cell phones are permitted, but ringer should be turned off.
    5. Gambling- No gambling of any kind will be permitted or tolerated. No playing cards of any kind are permitted on school property.
    6. Breaks- Return from lunch and each break promptly.
    7. Visitors- no friends or family members are allowed to visit classroom or lab areas without the direct supervision and consent of an office staff member. Should a friend or family member wish to visit, an appointment must first be scheduled. Under no circumstances will an individual not enrolled in training be allowed to remain in class or lab area for more than a typical visit (5 minutes).
    8. Smoking- NO SMOKING is allowed in the building. Smoking outside the building is permitted in the rear of the building, but all waste materials should be disposed of properly in waste receptacles.
    9. Report any unsafe condition to the instructor. Report any accident or injury at once to the instructor.
    10. Notify the school or instructor if you are going to be late or absent.
    11. Maintain proper order and conduct during classroom periods. Stealing, fighting, horseplay, drinking, using unprescribed drugs, profanity, or abusive gestures, direct abuse or damage to equipment or building, disruptive conduct, abuse or disrespect to fellow students or instructor WILL NOT BE TOLERATED OR ALLOWED. This will be the basis for immediate termination without any consideration of any probationary period.
    12. Address all problems or complaints to your instructor or arrange to meet with an advisor.
    13. Absolutely NO firearms, knives (of any size), or other weapons are permitted on school property.
    14. All material and equipment is to be used for school functions only. Please do not bring personal items (i.e. computer disks, computer games, etc.) to be utilized with school equipment. GTS does not allow the repair of personal items in our facility.
    15. Any books, tools, notebooks, binders, etc., distributed to students by GTS, remain the property of GTS until the student has fulfilled training obligations and financial obligations.
    16. Students are solely responsible for replacing lost or damaged equipment or materials.

    Welding Students

    1. Grinding and cutting- Gloves, shields, and safety glasses must be worn at all times during grinding. Shields must be down at all times in addition to wearing safety glasses.
    2. Welding- Gloves, sleeves (or appropriate arm protection), and hood must be worn at all times while welding.
    3. Chipping Slag- Full welding hood must be down with lens flipped up and safety glasses must be worn at all times.
    4. Shoes- Work boots must be worn whenever financially possible. Pants must cover the tops of your shoes. Absolutely no canvas shoes or sandals will be permitted.
    5. Clothing- No frayed or torn clothing with large holes will be permitted in order to reduce the possibility of burns. No nylon materials (i.e. jogging suits) will be permitted in welding booths. Cotton clothing is recommended (flannel shirt, T-shirt, jeans, etc). Due to safety concerns, no oversized clothing is permitted.
    6. Hair- Any student with hair past the top of the shirt collar will be required to pull their hair back with a rubber band. Any facial hair that is considered to be a safety problem by the instructor will be required to be pinned up.
    7. DO NOT adjust welding machines, torches, or equipment other than your own.
    8. DO NOT enter someone else's booth other than your own without the instructor's permission.
    9. Absolutely NO chewing tobacco or cigarettes are permitted in the building.
    10. Clean-up of booth and work area is student'™s responsibility.
    11. NO operation of power equipment is permitted without the instructor's permission or supervision.
    12. Shirt pockets must be kept empty at all times. No cigarette lighters are allowed in the lab area. (Severe safety hazard because of welding sparks).
    13. No earrings, necklaces, or rings are permitted. Stud earrings are permitted.
    14. GTS issued safety eyewear must be worn at all times in the lab areas. No sunglasses are to be worn in the classroom or lab area.
    15. Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off in the lab area

    All safety rules and general rules must be strictly followed with no exceptions. Any individual not doing so will be removed from training and missed time will not be considered for make-up work. Repeated violation of safety rules will result in termination or suspension. These policies are for the safety of students and staff. Failure to adhere to these polices can result in immediate termination without prior notice. GTS reserves the right to make any needed changes in these policies. If there should be additions made to this list for any reason, notification will be distributed to the classrooms. This distribution will serve as notification.

    Medical Authorization/Liability Form

    I understand Georgia Trade School is not liable for any accident or injury regardless of fault or negligence sustained during training. Each student and his/her family will be responsible for any financial obligations incurred.

    Release of Information/Photo Release

    I hereby authorize the release of any information regarding training, attendance, performance, or any other information (i.e. resumes) to any potential employer deemed appropriate by GTS. I understand that the purpose of training is to find employment and forwarding my resume to various companies will assist me with this goal. I further consent to the release of records by any agency/employer to GTS for employment verification at the completion of training. Georgia Trade School (GTS) students are frequently featured in (but not limited to) news releases, photos, job fair displays, and websites, distributed by the school to the media or used in publications. I understand that, as a student, I may be photographed at GTS or any GTS related function and that the school has exclusive rights to these photos and may use them to promote the institution. I also understand, as a student at GTS, that my accomplishments may be used to promote GTS.

    Job Placement

    Assistance will be given on job search and job retention. This includes, but is not limited to, interviewing, resume preparation and job search techniques. In the last three weeks of training, student's resume should be finalized, interview scheduling should be started and resumes should be sent out to potential employers (student and staff member work together on these steps). Georgia Trade School recognizes that there is a direct relationship between students who have excellent attendance and a commitment to training and those who are most qualified for employment. I understand that GTS will assist me in finding employment toward the end of my scheduled training program. I further understand 'assistance' is provided in finding employment, but GTS does not imply or guarantee placement. I will cooperate with GTS by providing 'Employment Verification' upon gaining employment.


    PURPOSE The purpose of this policy is to promote a safe and productive learning environment and to help prevent accidents, injuries, and property damage which may result from drug or alcohol abuse. Georgia Trade School ('GTS') recognizes the dangers inherent in drug and alcohol abuse and enacts this policy in its effort to take reasonable precautions against the unlawful possession, use, and/or distribution of controlled substances, drugs, and/or alcohol by students on campus or while participating in GTS activities.

    SCOPE All GTS students who are on campus or who are participating in school activities must comply with this policy. POLICY A. Unauthorized and/or unlawful drug or alcohol use, or being under the influence of any drug or alcohol, may pose serious risks to the user, GTS students, GTS faculty and staff, and other invitees of GTS. Therefore, no student may engage in the unlawful or unauthorized possession, use or distribution of any controlled substance and/or alcohol, or be under the influence of such substances, while on the GTS's grounds or as part of any of its sponsored activities. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. B. GTS reserves the right to conduct post-incident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing. C. If a student violates this policy and is expelled from the program, he/she shall still be required to pay the pro-rata portion of the total tuition and other program fees based on the percentage of the program completed before the expulsion.

    REASONABLE SUSPICION DRUG TESTING If a student is conducting himself or herself in a manner giving GTS a reasonable, good faith suspicion of the usage of drugs or alcohol in violation of this policy, GTS may require such student to submit to a drug or alcohol test. Reasonable suspicion may be based on contemporaneous, specific, and articulable observations of conduct (e.g., conduct, behavior, attitude, etc'), appearance, odor, or speech. The observations may include indications of the chronic and withdrawal effects of a controlled substance or alcohol. Reasonable suspicion also may be based on other factors which suggest drug or alcohol usage in violation of GTS's Drug and Alcohol Policy, including arrest or conviction of a drug offense or receipt of reliable information that the student may be using a controlled substance or alcohol.

    POST-INCIDENT TESTING GTS reserves the right to require a student to submit to a drug or alcohol test if the student is involved in an accident or incident which causes injury or property damage.

    SUBSTANCES COVERED BY DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING Students may be tested for their use of commonly-abused controlled substances which have a detrimental effect and pose a serious risk to safety at GTS, including but not limited to: (i) Marijuana; (ii) Amphetamines; (iii) Opiates; (iv) Cocaine; (v) Phencyclidine (PCP); and (vi) other illicit and illegal drugs. GTS also reserves the right to test a student for any substance which may be legally obtained from a licensed medical practitioner by prescription, or for being under the influence of alcohol.

    COST OF TESTING AND TESTING PROCEDURES GTS will pay for all GTS mandated drug or alcohol tests. GTS will refer student to an appropriately qualified lab, which will perform the testing.

    REFUSAL TO UNDERGO TESTING Any student who is required to undergo a drug test but refuses to submit, may be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from GTS.

    STUDENT RIGHTS UNDER THIS POLICY If a student tests positive for a controlled substance or alcohol in violation of this policy, the student shall have the right to request: A copy of the laboratory test indicating the test results; A copy of GTS's Drug and Alcohol Policy; Written notice of disciplinary action (up to and including expulsion). All records concerning test results of the student will be kept confidential.


    I hereby acknowledge that I have received, read, and understand Georgia Trade School's ('GTS') Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (the 'Policy'). I understand that I am not permitted to use, possess, sell, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on GTS property or while participating in GTS activities. I understand that GTS may require that I submit to drug and alcohol screening if it has a reasonable suspicion that I violated the policy while on GTS property or while participating in GTS activities, or if I am involved in a GTS related incident or accident. I hereby agree and consent to submitting to drug or alcohol screening requested by GTS pursuant to the Policy. I understand that I may be required to furnish a sample of my urine, breath, hair and/or blood for analysis, and I hereby consent to providing such samples to a testing facility contracted by GTS. I understand and agree that if I refuse to submit to a drug or alcohol test under GTS policy, or if I otherwise fail to cooperate with the testing procedures, I will be subject to discipline in accordance with GTS's Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy, which may include expulsion. I further authorize and give full permission to any testing facility contracted by GTS to analyze such specimens, or to send such specimens to another lab for testing. I hereby authorize any such laboratory to release any and all documentation relating to such test to GTS. I will hold harmless GTS and any testing laboratory GTS might contract with, meaning that I will not sue or hold responsible such parties for any alleged harm to me that might result from such testing, including loss of scholarship, loss of enrolment, or any other kind of adverse action that might arise as a result of the drug or alcohol test. I will further hold harmless GTS and any testing laboratory from any alleged harm to me that might result from the release or use of information or documentation relating to the drug or alcohol test. This policy and authorization have been explained to me in a language I understand, and I have been told that if I have any questions about the test or the policy, they will be answered. I understand that GTS will take reasonable steps to keep confidential any medical information and will only distribute test results to those who have a need to know. I UNDERSTAND THAT GTS MAY REQUIRE A DRUG OR ALCOHOL TEST UNDER ITS POLICIES UPON REASONABLE SUSPICION OR AFTER AN INCIDENT OR ACCIDENT SUGGESTING POSSIBLE INGESTION OF A PROHIBITED SUBSTANCE. I attest that I have read, agree to, and have completed all portions of the above Enrollment Agreement. I will abide by all the General School Policy and Lab Rules as established by Georgia Trade School.

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