Getting Started

Wanna get in on the action?


✓ Fill out a Student Application  

✓ Choose your preferred schedule ( Full Time - Morning or Afternoon; Part Time - Night )

✓ Email or Call to make deposit and lock in start date

✓ Review Enrollment Agreement  

What to expect after you complete the steps above.

You will receive an acceptance letter in addition to an email confirming your orientation and start date. 


What to bring: yourself and something to write with
What's going on: You will be issued your student tool bag and a brief demonstration on each tool will be covered. We will also go over policies, procedures and rules of the lab. In addition you will watch a dynamic, enthralling and life changing safety video.  


Gentle Reminder: DON'T BE LATE

What to bring: Every tool you were issued at orientation, your book, something to write with and a notebook. 

What to wear: 100% Cotton Shirts, Long Pants (no frayed jeans) and steel toed boots. 


For students who may be coming from out of state, or further than you'd like to commute in Atlanta traffic, we do not provide housing. Students typical find housing through Air BnB or Craig's List. Any information we have on local housing we will be happy to pass along if needed. If you'd like to know about the facility or the City of Acworth please click on our Locations tab.
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