Ethan Johnson

Ethan Johnson

An exceptional GTS graduate, Ethan Johnson obtained seven certifications including stainless plate and sheet metal with gas tungsten arc welding and the “monster combo.” Ethan also achieved a perfect score on every classroom test. Assigned by Scot McKneely to be a mentor and team leader, Ethan was responsible for cleaning and maintaining a portion of the welding lab as well as helping new students with basic questions.

Upon leaving Georgia Trade School Ethan worked for Mid-State Steel in Macon, GA beginning in the handrail department before receiving two quick promotions, first in the fabrication department and then to the field crew. While at Mid-State, Ethan fabricated and welded on a variety of projects including food grade stainless steel bins for producing coffee, a stair tower, structural beams, handrails, and a large incinerator. This position required blueprint reading to properly fabricate, weld, and assemble parts to met or exceed inspection standards. Ethan also operated a CNC plasma pipe cutting machine and used a range of processes including shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, flux core arc and gas metal arc welding.

In addition to welding, Ethan is an accomplished archer, having earned “All American” status at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky where he studied Business. Ethan used those skills while working at the Governors Gun Club as an archery technician.

How to get an “A” in my class?
Show up on time every day and work hard.

Quickest way to piss me off?
Being lazy or unwilling to take responsibility.

What’s on my Mixtape?
I enjoy a range of music. Country and southern rock to metal. Cody Jinks, Whisky Myers, and Slipknot being some of my favorites.

My specialty is……?
My most common work was stick welding on structural steel, however the company I worked for did lots of different jobs which required a wide variety of welding and other skills,

Why I get out of bed?
My biggest motivation every day is to make a better future for me and those I care about.

Why am I qualified to teach you?
I have worked doing a variety of tasks. This includes structural beams, industrial furnaces, handrails, and food grade stainless, and the fabrication associated with welding on those jobs.