Dalton Emory

Dalton Emory

With a decade of field experience, Dalton Emory serves as an instructor with our night class. Dalton began his welding career in 2009 with Ebecca Corporation where he designed, fabricated, and installed commercial waste equipment for various clients across the Southeast. In this position, Dalton was promoted to team lead and trainer for welders and fabricators. After four years with Ebecca, Mr. Emory joined Integrated Waste Solutions where he served as a Lead Maintenance Engineer and Project Manager. At IWS, Dalton worked with corporate partners and film productions to provide solutions for all waste and recycling requirements. Dalton continued to design and fabricate equipment for over seventy-five clients over a six-year span. Dalton also established an inventory system for plant staff that included over five hundred parts and consumables. Also, at Integrated, Dalton provided onsite operational and safety training per OSHA requirements. In addition to his work in the welding industry, Mr. Emory is an accomplished producer with experience in web development, audio engineering, video editing for websites, podcasts, live and livestream events. Dalton has multiple certifications from the American Welding Society and is attending Georgia State University for a degree in Computer Science.

How to be my friend? 
Be open, honest and respectful of the people around you.

How to get an “A” in my class?
Be attentive and receptive to constructive criticism. Trust the process and have a positive attitude.

Quickest way to piss me off?
Ask questions with no intention of listening to the answers.

What’s on my Mixtape?
Motown and Rage Against the Machine.

My specialty is……?
Design, fabrication and SMAW.

Why I get out of bed?
To learn something new.

Why am I qualified to teach you?
Because I’m still learning everyday. My mentors and teachers spent lifetimes learning, and I’m just handing their lessons down the best that I can.