Cooper Willis

Cooper Willis

Marietta native, Cooper Willis joined the Georgia Trade School staff in October 2021. Cooper is a graduate of Harrison High School where he took college prep classes and played lacrosse and football. After attending Georgia Highlands College, Cooper decided a career in welding was his passion. Enrolling in GTS, Cooper earned certifications in Gas Tungsten Arc, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc and Flux Core Arc Welding.  Following welding school, Mr. Willis worked for Chart Industries, a publicly traded company and industry leader in the manufacturing of equipment servicing the clean energy and industrial gas markets. In his personal time, Cooper enjoys exercise including weightlifting and living a healthy lifestyle. His favorite televised sport is the National Football League and musically prefers hip hop, hard rock, metal and folk country. If he could have dinner with three historical figures, Cooper would choose Norm Macdonald, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.


How to be my friend? 
Answer: Honesty

How to get an “A” in my class?
Answer: Show up on time and be respectful

Quickest way to piss me off?
Answer: Tardiness and disrespect

What’s on my Mixtape?
Answer: Colter Wall, Carnifex, Marilyn Manson and Travis Scott

My specialty is……?
Answer: GTAW

Why I get out of bed?
Answer: To walk the dog

Why am I qualified to teach you?
Answer: Have passed all the tests students are offered