Brandon Sargent

Brandon Sargent

Brandon Sargent joined Georgia Trade School in 2023, following four years in the field with Lockwood Products in Powder Springs. While at Lockwood, Brandon managed a twelve-person team, overseeing operations in manufacturing boiler equipment including training and instruction on Tank, Pipe and Stand Welders, Insulators, Pipe Fitters and Painters. Additional responsibilities included inspecting products for defects and compliance, inventory management, vendor relations, candidate screening and recruiting, operating the laser table and CNC plasma table, tank roller and plate beveler.

A 2019, GTS and 2008 Paulding County High School graduate Brandon earned certifications in multiple processes. Prior to his welding career, Mr. Sargent was a restaurant manager for ten years at Briar Patch in Hiram. In this role he managed a fifteen-person team including cooks and front of house staff.

Brandon resides in Temple, GA and is a car enthusiast.

Where did you grow up?
Dallas, Ga

Why did you choose GTS?
I came to GTS to help coach the next generation of welders!

What certifications do you have?
3G and 4G FCAW, 3G SMAW

Best advice you ever received?
Stop and think, don’t rush. 

If you could have dinner with three historical figures, who would you choose?
Aristotle, Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla

Favorite genre of music?
Heavy metal

It is a beautiful day in Atlanta, what are you going to do?
Spend time with my family outdoors

Favorite thing to do in Acworth
Going to Henry’s for their “Ooh La La”

Most Memorable Welding Project?
My first condensate return tank

I am a new student what should I do to be successful at GTS?
Use your time efficiently, be a sponge to all the knowledge and wisdom shared and don’t rush through anything.