Stephen Leone


Short Version

How to be my friend? 

Answer: Sarcasm is key, rude abrasive, joking coupled with misanthropy will earn you a top spot in the chambers of my soul.

How to get an “A” in my class?

Answer: Earn it. Only winners and losers. The world doesn’t give out participation awards.

Quickest way to piss me off?

Answer: Tell me “You never told me that” when I know I’ve communicated it effectively and in great detail.

If I am mad you should……

Answer: Be quiet and weld on.

What’s on my Mixtape?

Answer: Hardcore Music, Alternative Rock and Punk Rock

My specialty is……?

Answer: SMAW on Pipe.

Why I get out of bed?

Answer: I’m dedicated to my trade and I care deeply about mentoring young men and women to be the next generation of competent welders.

Why am I qualified to teach you?

Answer:  That aside I care deeply about the success of my students. I go to great lengths to ensure their understanding and processing of the information. I love what I do, that’s why I’m qualified.

Long Version

Certified in multiple Stick, Mig and Flux Core processes in both plate and pipe positions in accordance with the American Welding Society and the Association of American Railroads, GTS graduate Stephen Leone returned as an instructor after a stint at the nation’s largest railcar manufacturer. In the field, Stephen worked for Trinity Industries where he met railroad standard welding procedures, including pressure vessel testing up to 200 psi. Mr. Leone welded at heights requiring the use of safety harnesses and welded all pipe assemblies on tank cars used for crude oil storage. He also was responsible for pulling tanks down the production line with an overhead crane.

Prior to formal welding training at GTS, Stephen worked for a concrete construction company where he learned repair welding and fabrication. Some of the construction equipment he worked on included excavators, bobcats, concrete pump trucks, boom trucks and crane trucks. He also has fabricated steel for commercial buildings throughout Metro Atlanta and was made a shop foreman at just 21. Additional experience includes welding and repairing trailers, box trucks and tractors for a landscape company.
Stephen is also a social media star, having filmed several Pipe Welding instructional videos with ChuckE2009, our brand ambassador and the most popular YouTube welding channel content creator in the world. Stephen also created a viral welding mannequin video that was viewed by over 100,000 people.

A Native of Tampa, Florida Mr. Leone is married and resides in Dallas, Georgia. He enjoys recreational sports including softball and flag football, fitness and hiking.