Sean Quinton


Mr. Quinton is very close to dethroning Jack from his long held position of knowing all trades! Never content to just hold the flashlight, he absorbed and recorded every repair his father made, leading to a lifetime of tinkering, destroying, and sometimes fixing whatever he could. After years of fighting his destiny, his path crossed with Elaine, Ryan, and Joanna- and the depth of his madness would finally be realized. The Georgia Trade School Lab is the school he would have gone to if he had a modified DeLorean or the ability to weld time. Filler metal was used through much of the facility, but the strongest bonds were literally created with his blood, occasional sweat, and many gallons of tears. While he may never be the master of any one trade, and is an O.K. welder at best, he is a pretty darn great Welding School Maker.


Responsible for the magnetic culture in our welding lab, the award winning welding staff, curriculum and testing, Vice President Sean Quinton has served as the technical chair of the Skills USA Georgia Welding and Fabrication competition since 2012. Prior to being named Chair, Sean served as a state judge from 2008 to 2012. In 2015, Mr. Quinton received the honor of being named a national judge at the championship level.
A Virginia Beach native and motorsports enthusiast, Sean graduated from Georgia State University and has lived in Atlanta since 1997. Sean has appeared in a variety of media forms including Georgia Public Broadcasting, WXIA television, Practical Welding Today, Business RadioX and the Marietta Daily Journal. Mr. Quinton also starred in the national commercial for Jackson Safety’s Balder welding hood which was filmed at Georgia Trade School.