Kyle Lockwood

Short Version

How to be my friend? 

Answer: Make me laugh so hard I spit my drink out

How to get an “A” in my class?

Answer: Work hard and stay motivated

Quickest way to piss me off?

Answer: Give excuses for mistakes

If I am mad you should……

Answer: Make me laugh

What’s on my Mixtape?

Answer: Run the Jewels, Fleet Foxes, Frank Sinatra, A Tribe Called Quest

My specialty is……?

Answer: GTAW and observational comedy

Why I get out of bed?

Answer: Usually because I have to go potty

Why am I qualified to teach you?

Answer: “I know more than you” – Ron Swanson Parks and Recreation

Long-ish Version

Paulding County native and Hiram High School alum Kyle Lockwood originally planned to pursue a mechanical engineering career but he decided sitting at a desk all day was not his passion. He wanted to not just design amazing work but also to build with his own hands.

After graduating from GTS, Kyle worked in manufacturing for Jeremias, Inc. where he performed stainless Tig welds making custom exhaust and ventilation parts out of sheet metal as thin as .015”.  In addition to his commercial work, Kyle has experience repairing kitchen and gym equipment, motorcycle parts and boating equipment.

In his personal life, Mr. Lockwood enjoys attending movies and concerts and spending time with his girlfriend and friends.