It is a pleasure to write to you and share the best career decision I have ever made – attending this welding school. It has opened countless doors for me already. I had a dream for many years to work on an oil rig, and because of Georgia Trade School it became a dream come true. I looked at several schools. What sets Georgia Trade School apart from other welding schools is that most schools are 18 to 24 months long. Not only that, but most of them didn’t even give you the chance to certify. The cool thing about Georgia Trade School is that 85% of the time, you are welding. That is how you learn. It is a hands on learning environment. You only can learn so much from a book. The book work you take is all about welding symbols and reading and understanding blueprints. All the stuff you need to know to break out in the welding field.

I was fortunate enough to have a job in a welding fab shop before I got out of school. It didn’t pay much but it gave me experience and a good reference for my resume. I went on to work at a company welding pipe in chemical plants. I was able to quickly move forward in my career and got the opportunity to weld on an oil rig.

Georgia Trade School will give attending students as much, if not more, than what they put in. Not only did I get a great career out of the deal but I also made some great friends. Thank you to all the staff. I don’t think I can stress enough how much you improved my life. A special thanks to: Mrs. Elaine, Mrs. Eden, Shawn and Ryan.