More Questions?

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  • Do I need to call and reserve a spot for the tours and how long do they last? 

No, they are open for anyone to come in.  Most tours last about 45 minutes, if we have a larger group it can take longer. After the tour you are welcome to register for classes if desired.

  • What Holidays are you Closed For?  

Thursday and Friday July 4th & 5th, 2019

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit or check

  • Are there payment plans?

Yes, after paying the deposit of $500 you can take the remaining balance of $9,000 and divide it by the amount of months the student will be here (3 months/full time or 6 months/part time)

  • Do your students receive scholarships?

Yes! We encourage all students to apply at the logos listed below:



  • Are you licensed?

We are licensed by the  Georgia Post Secondary Board of Education

  • What do students get when they graduate?

Students receive a Certification of Completion and any American Welding Society Qualification they receive in class.

  • How many qualifications can I get?

You have the ability to earn up to 5 qualifications throughout your 500 hours

  • When can I enroll?

We have students starting every month, you will need to select a schedule from our Program Information Tab and then call or email and we can let you know the next soonest starting date. Please be advised we often have a wait list, in order to be put on the wait list we require a $500 deposit, which we can take by phone or email you a link through your email.

  • What is the student teacher ratio?

Each class has a 12:1 student teacher ratio with 24 students in each full time class and 12 in our part time class.