My background in the industry before coming to the school was in pipefitting, I already had a “taste” of the industry and the hard work, dedication, will , ability and most of all the craftsmanship that was required. I learned pipe welding from Elaine Waters and Eden Parks, they taught me a lot and I thank them. If it was not for them and their knowledge and me listening and paying attention I would not be where I am today.

Since I graduated from school I have been all over the country welding, seeing sights and making great money along the way. My job offers range from 24 to 34 dollars per hour and I also get per diems for lodging and food.

I strongly advise anyone that has the opportunity to learn a skill and craft such as welding from Georgia Trade School to open your ears and keep your hood down. That is how you will succeed in this industry. The sky is the limit in welding if you put the time in.