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  • Inside A Modern Welding School: Georgia Trade School Full Tour
    Lanse Edwards who owns the largest welding channel on YouTube with a behind the scenes look at GTS
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  • The Blythe’s  at the Governor’s Mansion with Governor Nathan Deal and First Lady Sandra Deal

Mission Statement

Next generation welding builds the future while honoring the past.

What We Do

Welding Classes, Weld Testing, Open Welding Laboratory, Individual and Corporate Instruction.

Who We Are

The premiere independent welding school in Georgia.

We provide best in class training on the latest cutting edge welding technology and train young people into expert welders!


Debra Lemke

To all the teachers and administrators at the Georgia Trade...

Kevin Squiers, North Cobb High School Construction Teacher

Thanks GA Trade School for all you do for North Cobb High...

Ryan Lemke, Thompson Industrial Services

Thanks you GTS for everything great group of instructors...

John Scroggins, Blacksmith and Welder – Oak Hill Iron

I have been a blacksmith for fifteen years, in that time I...

Kyle Crowe – Welder, Caterpillar

I came to Georgia Trade School directly after graduating...

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Our Facebook Updates

  • We enjoyed having the Pipefitters Local 72 Union recently visit, our graduates have opportunities with this organization to work on the new Braves and Falcons stadiums #buildyourstadium

  • John Scroggins is another success story from our open welding program.

    I have been a blacksmith for fifteen years, in that time I thought I was pretty good at welding. I came to Georgia Trade School thinking I would fly through all the certifications. Very quickly I realized that my skills as a welder were not as good as I thought they were. Thankfully the staff at Georgia Trade School are excellent teachers and as a result of my training here my skills as a welder increased extensively. The instructors at Georgia Trade School are very professional and eager to help, they are flexible with students who work full time and have challenging schedules. Because of what I learned here I am now employed as a shop foreman at Oak Hill Iron Works in Morganton, North Carolina.- John Scroggins

  • Two of our nation's icons impossible to build without tradesmen

    Timeline Photos
    In Case You Missed It: Help appreciate the men and women who built and maintain some of the world’s greatest landmarks:
  • Congratulations to former GTS Instructor Mike Logan and his wife, Jennifer on the birth of their son Parker Ryan. The Logans now reside in Williamsburg, VA.